Friday, October 3, 2014

Monsters Inc. Halloween 2013

 I'm so excited for fall and Halloween. I always have so much fun dressing up my cute family and taking pictures. I love doing a family theme, but my kids think they are too cool for that now. I creatively did a theme last year by saying they could be any monster to go along with our Monster Inc theme. My brother Bryson said that Via looks so much like Bo from Monsters Inc, so we decided to go with it. I like how it turned out. Cheyanne was the only one who wasn't a monster. She was adorable as Minnie Mouse.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I love Pinterest!

 I have had so much fun with Pinterest. I have gotten so many great ideas from it. I have found fun crafts and some very yummy recipes, which I have tried and have had great success.

I have heard some "silly" people say that they will never go on Pinterest, because they don't need it. They can can just "google" what they want to find. That is so true, you can, but Pinterest has already done the work for you and you just have to go to one spot to find so many great ideas. Instead of having to bookmark all the things you find, you can save all the great ideas in your Pinterest account. When you bookmark, you aren't able to save pictures, so for me I forget what each website is for, but with Pinterest you have a picture saved and that picture has a link attached that takes you right to the website that the picture came from.

Others have said that Pinterest will just waste their time. I have found that it is the opposite with me. You can find great ideas on how to be more efficient with cleaning and organizing.  There are so many clever ideas on Pinterest.  And like I said before, its all in one spot, so you don't have to keep searching all over the internet when you need something. And all the things you have liked in the past is saved on your Pinterest board so you don't have to search for it again.

Also many times I cant afford to do some of the great things I have found, or I don't have the time right now, so its so satisfying to me to be able to save it and when i have the money or the time, I can find it and try it. When I have a party to plan, I'm able to find tons of great decorating ideas, food ideas and game ideas. I always have a hard time coming up with cute gift ideas, no problem now, I can just log onto my Pinterest account and find so many great ideas in one spot.

I've even pinned some of my photography onto Pinterest. Its a great way to get your own great ideas and your own wonderful creations out there for everyone to enjoy.

Here are just some of the many Pinterest ideas I have tried.

For Valentines day it was so fun making these healthy treats for my children instead of just giving them cookies and candy, even though I couldn't help but still give them those too.

 I was in charge of decorating for my wards Relief Society Christmas party. I found this fun idea for Christmas trees and gift boxes covered with tinsel, flowers and berries. It turned out great!

 I also got to decorate for our Relief Society Birthday Celebration, I found these fun tissue paper pom poms. I also found the yarn balls on Pinterest.

 I was inspired by a cake on Pinterest that had these gorgeous ruffles. So I had so much fun making them on my daughters first birthday cake.

 I love the old pages ripped from a book, and made into flowers also inspired from Pinterest.

 Both these pictures were inspired by photos I found on Pinterest. I love how they turned out!

 These frames were such a fun gift idea, that I gave to many friends and family. You use them like white boards. They are so fun!
 I loved this frame with the googly eyes glues all over it, for Halloween. My son did too.

 My son also loved this Super Hero cake with the cute capes. Great idea from Pinterest.

 I also got all the fun party game ideas from Pinterest.

 This Zebra cake was so fun and easy to try and I was so happy with how it turned out, so was my daughter.

Ive found some great recipes that I have tried. Like Chicken fingers from Wingers. Those were so delicious!
I never new how to use my Crock-pot, but now I use it all the time, because Pinterest has so many great Crock-pot ideas.

So lets not be like the people years ago that didn't like the telephone, because it was new. Lets be open minded and at least try out the new inventions that we have been blessed with. You might find that you love it, just like me. Happy pinning!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dinner at Grandmas

 We all went to Grandmas for dinner so we could be together. I love this picture I got of the kids looking at books with their Grandma. 

 Oh, so sweet smile!
 Shes always reaching for me.
 Cute little Lala.
Dasan loves his little baby sister.

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