Friday, October 3, 2014

Monsters Inc. Halloween 2013

 I'm so excited for fall and Halloween. I always have so much fun dressing up my cute family and taking pictures. I love doing a family theme, but my kids think they are too cool for that now. I creatively did a theme last year by saying they could be any monster to go along with our Monster Inc theme. My brother Bryson said that Via looks so much like Bo from Monsters Inc, so we decided to go with it. I like how it turned out. Cheyanne was the only one who wasn't a monster. She was adorable as Minnie Mouse.


Natalie said...

Cute costumes! And beautiful people!

Natalie said...

And it's good to see you blogging again! :)
Maybe we will bring the blogging trend back!

Heidi Mecham said...

Yeah, blogging is awesome! Love the pics Heath, glad you updated. It's gonna be fun seeing your creativity this year!